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Indian minister explains future transportation opportunities at Intertraffic

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Dr Sudhir Krishna
Land of opportunity Dr Sudhir Krishna addresses delegates at Intertraffic
With US$78bn of transport-related investment expected over the next five years and a massive US$506bn anticipated over the next two decades, India is a hugely important potential market for those companies which can provide the right transport technology and expertise, Dr Sudhir Krishna, Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Urban Development, told an audience here at Intertraffic yesterday.

As India’s economy develops and the proportion of the population living in cities increases, improving and developing the right kinds of infrastructure is essential. Urban sprawl and environmental degradation have to be addressed, Dr Krishna noted. Internally, national policies, action plans and demonstration projects are in the process of being set up but there remain obstacles to progress, including diversified levels of government, an historical low level of investment, poor enforcement and a lack of domestic transport expertise.

The emphasis of India’s urban transport development is on mass transit – pedestrian-oriented and bicycle solutions, buses and light rail –rather than individual motor vehicles, Dr Krishna continued. Public transport has suffered from a poor public image and there is a need to address both the quality of the systems and services, and to make an increasingly urbanised population aware of any improvements.

That opens the door for providers of intellectual property, as well as technology – and to partnership working; Dr Krishna noted that cooperation by internationally based companies with local partners makes the continued and increasing use of technology.

In closing, he stressed the need to get the financial models right for participation and cooperation. This is another area where overseas firms can offer experience and advice, Dr Krishna said.
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