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Innovations, cost reductions in machine vision

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Point Grey Zebra2 camera
Point Grey, a recognised leader in machine vision, is using Intertraffic to highlight the newly launched Zebra2 camera. The company says that with its unique combination of interfaces, the Zebra2 makes it possible to simultaneously view low latency uncompressed video over HD-SDI, send compressed or uncompressed images through a Power over Ethernet 10/100/1000 BASE-T interface for image processing and recording, while supporting real-time alarm/trigger input and output.

Point Grey will also be showcasing the Grasshopper2 camera which uses a highly sensitive Sony CCD sensor for excellent image quality and features a Gigabit Ethernet interface, opto-isolated GPIO for industrial triggering and strobe output, automatic white balance, and low smear trigger mode. And, as price performance continues to be a key consideration, Point Grey will demonstrate the very small, low cost Chameleon camera which can be easily connect via USB 2.0 to an inexpensive board computer to construct a powerful image processing system with minimal investment.

Stand: 11.804

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