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Integrated road traffic management system

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Transmax its . international award winning Streams system
Transmax, an Australian-owned developer of ITS applications for road agencies, will be featuring its . international award winning Streams system, that integrates all road traffic management functionality within one system: motorway management, incident management, traffic signal management, network video management, traveller information including parking guidance and real-time passenger information. This ensures efficient and effective interaction between these traditionally separate functions.

Streams motorway management has demonstrated reductions in the avoidable social cost of traffic congestion on the M1 motorway in Melbourne, Australia. The savings include accidents reduced by 30% on the motorway and 60% in the City Link tunnel; travel time cut by 42% during peak periods on the motorway and 48% in the tunnel, and economic benefits estimated at more than $2 million per day, as well as greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 11%. Moreover, these savings have been achieved with a >50% increase in the sustainable peak hour flows on the motorway.

Streams interoperates with related systems such as public transport timetables, emergency services, police, information service providers, etc. ISO / IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) standard interface currently exist for 18 external systems.

Stand: 11.621

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