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Intelligent wireless traffic signs

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Banner Engineering the R-GAGE QT50R radar sensor
The R-GAGE QT50R radar sensor being used for car park entry/exit
Among a wide range of products that Belgium-headquartered Banner Engineering will present at Intertraffic, two products stand out – the R-GAGE QT50R radar sensor and the DX80 Wireless I/O Node and Gateway.

The R-GAGE QT50R is a FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) radar sensor that can detect both moving and stationary objects, regardless of shape or colour. With its compact and robust, dirt-resilient IP67 housing and weather immunity algorithms, the company says the device is able to withstand harsh environments. The QT50R is available as a retro version, with background teach, or as a diffuse detection with adjustable cut-off point, each with a maximum range of 15 metres.

The DX80 Wireless I/O Node and Gateway answers a particular need in traffic management systems. Dynamic information panels for drivers can indicate dangerous situations they need to be aware of, but , as Banner Engineering points out, typically such panels are activated by sensors that are several hundred, if not a thousand or more metres away, so cabled solutions are not viable.

The company’s DX80 Wireless I/O systems can transmit a variety of signals (digital, analogue and RS485) with a response time less than 100 ms up to three kilometres distance (line of sight). The radio transmission is license-free, yet it is reliable and secure because of frequency hopping and the use of a proprietary protocol. Units can be powered with industry standard 10 to 30 Vdc, solar panels, ideal for repeater units, or lithium battery with up to five years of estimated lifetime.

Stand: 09.400 

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