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Intertraffic Amsterdam Awards – the wait is over!

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Intertraffic Award 2012

Seventeen Intertraffic Amsterdam 2012 exhibitors from nine countries have won through to the shortlist of the biennial scheme for the most innovative exhibits at the show. Chosen by an international jury, the shortlisted entries fall into six categories: Infrastructure, Safety, ITS Traffic Management, Parking, Smart Mobility, and Sustainable Urban Mobility.

The Smart Mobility and the Sustainable Urban Mobility categories are new for this year and reflect the growing industry focus on mobility.

The official opening of Intertraffic Amsterdam 2012 takes place this morning, starting at 08.15 and running until 09.30 in the entrance area of Hall 11 in front of the Holland restaurant. Incorporated into that ceremony will be the announcement of the Innovation Award winner in each category and also the Overall Winner. And in addition to the Overall Winner Award, for the first time, Intertraffic will also hand out an Urban Sustainable Mobility Award.

Here are the finalists that the category winners, and overall winner, will be chosen from.

ITS Traffic Management
Smart Mobility


Langmatz Germany
Bluemove light pole

Langmatz manufactures a range of innovative e-mobility charging solutions under the Bluemove banner, such as the Bluemove city, Bluemove public and Bluemove home. The company’s Bluemove light pole in an innovation that is directly installed with the street lighting system so there is no brick-work or additional housing needed. The system contains intelligence to connect to an outside charging pole management system and is also able to manage the light-on -off functions where needed. A power enhancement tool for increased electric power distribution via the lighting infrastructure is available.

Stand: 11.413


Trysil Maskin Norway

Trafficprinter is a truckmounted ‘printer’ for thermoplastic paint. It is automated and can print all kind of symbols and signs directly onto the road surface. Its development was mainly financed by Trysil Maskin with support from Innovasjon Norge, SVMF and Svenske vegverket (Swedish road department).

Trafficprinter basically works as a regular printer where the road is the paper and the truck is moving forward when printing. The company has implemented all the Nordic road marking symbols in the computer library, and can easily add and programme any other types of sign/symbol, text or logo into the computer.

Stand: 1204


WDM England
TM2 mini texture meter

The TM2 mini texture meter is an alternative to the traditional volumetric ‘patch’ test. It measures the road profile transversely over a 100mm width to provide sensor measured texture depth (SMTD) and mean profile depth (MPD) over 1m, 10m and 50m averages, in real time. TM2 operates for 10 hours, utilising a touch panel PC, and is the effective solution for newly laid asphalt and reinstatements.

Stand: 11.130



Peek Traffic Solutions The Netherlands
ImFlow: Policy-based adaptive urban traffic control

ImFlow is a new adaptive traffic control system that is easy to configure building directly on the policies of the city. It offers a unique programming concept based on policies and constraints which can be directly entered into the system and are used by the ImFlow adaptive algorithm to optimise signal timings in real-time. The policies and constraints are easily understandable by traffic engineers who need to setup and maintain an ImFlow system where policies represent the optimisation objectives and the constraints are rules that must be obeyed in order for the system to function safely.

Stand: 10.101


Andrews & Wykeham England
HoloRFID high security RFID windscreen label

A windscreen label combining high-security e-beam holography with enhanced performance long-range UHF RFID, it provides machine-readable functionality such as vehicle identification, toll payments and access control.

Stand: 05.333


Trinité Automation The Netherlands
Scenario Coordination Module (SCM)

SCM is a distributed approach for simple and understandable overview of hundreds of traffic related network scenarios and was developed for the municipality of Amsterdam and the Road Traffic Centre North West as an innovative way to optimise the flow of traffic around Amsterdam.

By dividing an area into sub-networks and defining situations, different road authorities are able to manage a traffic network together by using SCM. The number of predefined scenarios is significantly reduced and conflicting services can be managed, based on priorities.

Stand: 09.215



Abstract Computing International The Netherlands
Scanacar Scanscooter

Enforcement of parking regulation on a scooter, this system yields reliable scans of 600-1,200 cars per hour, no matter how they are parked, left or right of the Scanscooter. It is perfect for enforcement in inner cities and more spacious areas and also for immediate follow-up by a parking attendant who is both visible and accessible to public.

Stand: 03.313


Car Parking Technologies New Zealand

SmartGuide is a wireless parking guidance system that does not require data cabling, thus reducing installation costs. In addition, each bay is monitored using infrared technology from beneath the vehicle for greater accuracy than traditional overhead ultrasonic systems. Signs are also wireless to also reduce costs to deploy and full real time reporting management using heatmaps is part of the solution.

Stand: 03.409



Olvia Russia
Arena Multi-target speed camera

The Arena MT controls up to four lines and in both directions simultaneously and measures speed of all vehicles in the control zone. It automatically takes photos of the violator and can automatically recognise licence plate numbers.

Stand: 01.218



Kapsch TrafficCom Austria
IDS ACC - Automatic Camera Calibration

With ACC, the AID specialists from Kapsch have developed a revolutionary and easy way of calibrating cameras for the Kapsch Incident Detection System (IDS). In the past, calibrating cameras for incident detection systems has been a complicated process. Now it is taken care of by ACC: when the ACC vehicle drives by, the cameras enter calibration mode. After the passage, all cameras have 3D calibration data at hand.

Stand: 11.715



Neurosoft Poland
NeuroSoft RedLight

NeuroCar RedLight is a computer system for automatic detection and identification of offences connected with running red lights. The system detects and monitors vehicles driving onto the crossing during the yellow and red phase.

Stand: 09.200




Trinité Automation The Netherlands
TrafficLink 2.0

This system allows different suppliers to work together and enables automatic tuning between different road authorities. The innovative software combines different types of measuring systems and is able to control all kinds of roadside systems regardless their supplier. The system is online available and offers the most reliable and surveyable information for optimising the flow of traffic.

Stand: 09.215



Intav Italy

An LED rotating beacon with a mechanical device moving a reflector around three bright LEDs provides high performance more cost-efficiently than a Xenon beacon. The patented device, which is EMC Approved, is designed to be simple and reliable and features multi-voltage with tension regulator, silicon belt and steel ball bearing. Its LEDs are rated to 50,000h of operation without maintenance.

Stand: 05.436



DTV Consultants The Netherlands

From5to4 is the mobility game which stimulates employees to commute one workday in a smart way. Everybody has alternatives but sometimes they just need a little push to use them. By travelling and working more smartly the employees will gain points. From5to4 has a positive effect on the travel behaviour of the contestants, raises awareness and generates a database with the travel behaviour.

Stand: 09.300


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