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Jansen Venneboer begins work on Iraq radial gates contract

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Patrick Lunenborg
Patrick Lunenborg of Jansen Venneboer
Jansen Venneboer (JV) has begun work on supplying radial gates and a navigation lock for a barrage dam on the River Eufrat in southern Iraq.

The Netherlands firm is looking to complete the major engineering works within the next three years.

“It’s a big irrigation project to hold the water,” says JV project manager Herwin Weelink.

“It’s very challenging but we have people who have lived in Iraq who are helping us with any communication and cultural issues.”

The ambitious large-scale works is an example of what Weelink describes as JV’s ability to deliver a project “from the first draw to the last nut”.

During Intertraffic, JV is showcasing its highly successful VEVA moveable barriers, a permanent safety solution for bridges, tunnels, and highway traffic flow management.

First launched in the early 1980s and developed in partnership with Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch highway agency, the VEVA barriers are being used in parts of the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany. Weelink says JV is keen to increase the number of countries using the safety solution, which meets EN1317 safety standard.

“The latest development in VEVA is the crash absorber at the end of its opening arm. It is used when the barrier needs to be moved in the result of highway maintenance work or an accident.”

JV is also promoting its road and train tunnel doors, which can be closed to prevent flooding of neighbouring land and highways in the event of heavy rainfall.

“This has been developed in response to the problems of flooding in the Netherlands,” says Weelink.

“We are in the process of fitting a new set of doors in a metro tube tunnel at Noord Zuid lijn in Amsterdam.”

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