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Jenoptik helps Jalisco State to enforcement success

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Diego Monraz of Jenoptik
Diego Monraz "The project has achieved its main goals"
Minister for Transport & Traffic in the State of Jalisco in Mexico, Diego Monraz, was in Amsterdam for day one of Intertraffic, to report early successes from a programme of education and enforcement of speed limits in and around Guadalajara.

The traffic speed project – developed by engineers of the State of Jalisco with Jenoptik and the Mexican traffic law enforcement supplier Autotraffic – has reduced fatalities by 40% during its first nine months of operation.

“At first the public were very wary of this initiative but acceptance has grown as the results of the programme have emerged,” Diego Monraz said. “Our national agency for prevention of accidents has now requested this project be held up as an example of best practice throughout Mexico.”

As part of a wider road safety strategy, Mexico’s Unam University determined that eight out of every 10 road deaths in Jalisco occurred on Guadalajara’s main orbital highway, with excessive speed the principal cause. The resulting speed enforcement plan combined an extensive educational campaign with a network of fixed, rotating and mobile speed cameras supplied by Jenoptik with back office services by Autotraffic.

“The project has achieved its main goals of gaining public acceptance, of being self financing within 12 months and most importantly, of saving lives,” said Monraz. “The State Government now intends to extend the programme to enforcement of speed and red light violations on other roads in Guadalajara and elsewhere in Jalisco.”

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