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Kapsch relaunches incident detection system products

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Marcus Braun
Marcus Braun, Kapsch Producct Manager, with the IDS system

Kapsch is using Intertraffic for the relaunch of its Incident Detection System (IDS) products. The company claims that with its IDS 2.0 product, its image processing specialists have taken the world of incident detection to a new level, and points to what it says are three revolutionary new components – IDS ALVis, ACC and IMP – as an indication of how advanced the system now is.

IDS AlVis - Alert Visualization, provides a new way of dealing with the massive amount of alarms that a tunnel operator has to handle during major incidents. It offers prediction of incidents, a review function to replay them, access to both live and stored video from the tunnel and a smart user interface.

“The development of AlVis is based on an extensive survey of recent life experiences, conducted with tunnel operators, engineers and motoring organisations, illuminating human factors like stress, mental pressure and the human-machine-interfaces,” says Marcus Braun, Product Manager, Video & Sensor Solutions

Meanwhile, IDS ACC - Automatic Camera Calibration, is a revolutionary and easy way of calibrating cameras for the Kapsch IDS. In the past, calibrating cameras for incident detection systems has been a complicated process but using the company’s new ACC feature simply requires a vehicle to drive past and the cameras enter calibration mode. After the passage, all cameras have 3D calibration data at hand.

“The astonishing calibration accuracy of ACC measurements is unrivalled in the environment of video-based incident detection – it is up to 10 times more accurate than any method currently used in the field. Additionally, when you want to calibrate open road track sections of hundreds of kilometres, you´ll need to have a smart concept that does not influence traffic,” Braun continues.

Meanwhile, the Kapsch IDS IMP - Installation & Maintenance Portable Device, offers a smart and easy way for customers to install, analyse, recover or replace defective hardware.

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