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Lightweight plastic safety barrier products are now offered by Aplus Molds & Plastics

John de Jonge
John de Jonge demonstrates the barrier sections
Taiwanese firm Aplus Molds & Plastics (AMP) has developed polycarbonate and polypropylene barrier sections to suit different protective requirements. The polypropylene sections are lighter and cheaper and suit duties on roads with low traffic volumes and speeds.

The polycarbonate sections offer greater impact performance and suit guardrail applications on highways. Weighing just 17kg apiece, the polycarbonate sections are lightweight and easy to handle, allowing them to be installed manually. The light weight also helps reduce transport costs in comparison with conventional steel units.

The barrier sections are said to be long lasting due to good UV resistance and are also corrosion-free, as well as being lightweight and quick to install. Impact performance is also said to be good as the material helps absorb shock.

A minimum working life of 10 years is claimed and the barrier sections can also be recycled. Various colours are available to boost conspicuity, while lighting can be fitted if required to boost visibility or provide hazard warnings. The sections also come with integral reflectors, which are colour coded. These boost safety by reflecting red light should a driver be travelling in the wrong direction.

The products comply with Taiwan’s requirements for vehicle redirective capabilities and impact performance and have also been supplied into China, the Philippines and South Africa. The polycarbonate sections can withstand the impact of a 3.8tonne vehicle striking at angles from 15°-25° and at speeds of up to 100km/h.

The firm says it is at present looking for a European distribution partner and will then address the issue of obtaining EN1317 safety ratings. The components are also said by AMP to be free from stress cracking problems, as well as being electrical insulators.

In standard applications, the barrier sections are fitted to round steel posts installed at 2metre intervals. The ductility of the units is also said to allow them to be bent to fit on curves without the need for special modification and also without losing structural performance.

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