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Navtech Radar demonstrates value of ClearWay sensor technology

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Steve Clark with the Radar Unit
Steve Clark with the Radar Unit

NavTech Radar is showcasing the safety and economic benefits of using longer-range radar systems for automated incident detection (AID) and enforcement on Stand 11.724, as well as new system functionalities including count and classification, and enforcement.

The company’s ClearWay sensor technology is currently deployed in live tunnel and above-ground environments in Northern Europe and has been further developed to provide count and classification capabilities as well as an effective counter to illegal tailgating and unsafe lane-change manoeuvres.

A key feature of radar, says company director Steve Clark, is that it will enable road and tunnel managers to continue to monitor their networks in conditions which will defeat video, whilst providing wide-area detection and monitoring capabilities which loop-based systems cannot.

“Our millimetric-wave ClearWay radar systems provide the AID solution for the Hindhead Tunnel in the UK – a world-first application – and are also used on the E4 motorway near Stockholm in Sweden, where there is a need for a cost-effective, long-range solution able to detect incidents at locations where inclement weather often results in very poor visibility.”

Navtech Radar’s systems can detect vehicles, people and debris at up to 500 metres. Because they provide 360o coverage, a single system can therefore monitor up to 1,000m of open highway. This makes it a very cost-effective choice, allowing longer stretches of road to be monitored with fewer installed systems. In tunnels and at portals in particular, variable light conditions or dust and haze are no barriers to performance.

Stand: 11.724

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