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Norwegian firm Trysil Maskin has developed a safer and faster machine for applying road markings

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Erik Bakken of Trysil Maskin's
Trysil Maskin'sErik Bakken with some of the latest technologies
Norwegian traffic marking specialist Trysil Maskin has designed a safe new system for applying signs and symbols on roads called the Trafficprinter. The machine can apply all Nordic road marking symbols from its computer library, while users can also program in any other type of sign required.

Safe operation is claimed compared with manual methods, as the truck is equipped with a TMA at the rear. The operator sets the system to apply the markings, which are then dusted with glass beads for wet weather reflectivity.

The driver can stop the truck during printing if required and the vehicle will halt when it comes to the end of the programmed task. The print is made of drops of thermoplastic, so the symbol can either be made with droplets floating together to make a full covering surface, or made with space between the droplets to deliver better wet retro-reflectivity.

The machine can print markings up to 2.2m wide and as long as required. But if wider symbols are needed they can be printed in multiple operations. The Trafficprinter is based on a Man TGX 6x2 truck chassis powered by an engine delivering 358kW and features a 1,200litre paint tank for preheating that is diesel fired. A 450litre glass bead tank is fitted, with delivery provided by an onboard compressor.

Stand: 01-204

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