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Radar traffic monitoring and surveillance in all conditions

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Navtech Radar millimetric-wave radar systems
At Intertraffic 2012, NavTech Radar will showcase millimetric-wave radar systems’ wide-area traffic monitoring and surveillance capabilities over extended distances and in environmental conditions – heavy rain, snow and fog – which defeat video. It will also demonstrate new enforcement applications, such as detecting tailgating and unsafe lane changes in above and below-ground (tunnel) environments.

Navtech Radar says its systems can detect vehicles, people and debris at up to 500 metres. Because they provide 360o coverage, a single system can cost-effectively monitor up to 1,000 metres of open highway.

Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Administration, has deployed the company’s systems on strategic roads around Stockholm, where multi-lane carriageways without hard shoulders make fast detection of slow or stopped vehicles and implementation of appropriate management strategies especially important.

Inclement weather is common there, and using video in the same locations would be prohibitively expensive and would not guarantee success; even large numbers of cameras positioned close together could not match radar’s ability to ‘see’ through the thickest snow or fog to ensure accuracy, low false alarm rates and safety.

Recent trials have demonstrated successful enforcement against illegal driving manoeuvres in tunnels. Radar is unaffected by variable light and dust and so is ideal for such environments, the company says.

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