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StarTraq has won contracts for traffic enforcement packages from the police in the UK counties of Norfolk and Suffolk

StarTraq will supply its latest offence management software to Suffolk Constabulary for the uploading and verification of traffic offences captured on camera.

With the latest upgrade to StarTraq’s new cloud-based service, Suffolk Police will be able to improve efficiency as well as extend the service to the neighbouring constabulary in Norfolk. The new contract means that data from offences captured by Norfolk safety cameras will be sent to Suffolk for uploading to the shared StarTraq system. It can then be accessed securely by Central Ticket Office personnel from either Norfolk or Suffolk as required.

Offences committed in Norfolk can still be accessed and verified by staff in Norfolk, who will now be able to process a higher volume of offences and reduce problems from offences being rejected, lost or timed out. According to StarTraq, this will allow the police to increase efficiencies and automate repetitive tasks, improve processes and increase efficiencies at competitive prices. For the police in Norfolk and Suffolk, the new system will boost efficiency and as the license fees are shared, it will also help reduce costs.

Meanwhile, StarTraq’s new cloud-based software service for processing offences, StarTraq Dome, has been implemented in South Africa for traffic enforcement on private estates.

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