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TDS pioneers new verification system

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Dr Thomas Spindler of TDS
Dr Thomas Spindler of TDS

Traffic Data Systems (TDS) is launching at Intertraffic a new method to verify the accuracy of traffic classification equipment.

“All the companies that develop systems to detect vehicles by inductive loops always have the problem of verifying their systems with reproducible data,” said TDS developer Dr. Thomas Spindler. Using laboratory models does not always accurately reproduce real-life conditions, but actually going to an autobahn for ‘live’ conditions is time-consuming and expensive.

“We’ve invented a system that allows us to simulate a real freeway with upto eight lanes with traffic frequencies of up to 40 vehicles per second. The simulation uses real recorded data from a freeway; we measure one day and put this data into the existing measurement systems to verify if this detection system is correctly classifying the real data set.

TDS’s new system provides an ‘eight plus one’ classification system, with eight categories of vehicles, from motorcycles to heavy goods vehicles.

The simulation equipment is linked to the classification system under test with a standard interconnection cable. The classification system is unplugged from its real sensors and plugged into TDS’s simulation model, which generates the recorded data. With this known database of traffic being fed from the simulator, the accuracy of the classification system can be calculated.

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