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Technolution demonstrates MobiBoxxx in-car ICT solution

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In the driving seat: Mike Hoogstraten
In the driving seat: Mike Hoogstraten

Technolution’s MobiBoxxx in-car ICT solution underpinned the success of a team of students from the Technical University of Delft, who came second in this year’s World Solar Challenge. The cooperation is highlighted by the presence on the company’s stand of the actual Nuna6 race car.

The World Solar Challenge is a 3,000km-long race for sun-powered vehicles which takes place every other year and a single MobiBoxxx replaced the series of concentrated microprocessors which were used in the previous Nuna5 vehicle. The MobiBoxxx can control all of a vehicle’s functions via an onboard databus and was used by the race car’s offboard support team to plan strategies to cope with varying environmental conditions.

Stand: 09.100

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