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TomTom survey shows benefits of using navigation systems

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George de Boer
Technology on the go: Tomom's George de Boer
TomTom is showcasing the results of a survey which, it says, underscores the trend away from fixed and roadside infrastructure to what it terms smart mobility.

An independent survey undertaken on the company’s behalf by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) has been used to compare various sources of navigation information, including in-car and Web-based apps, and standalone navigation systems including two of TomTom’s.

That, says George de Boer, Senior Manager Business Development for Mobility Solutions, not only showed the superior performance of TomTom’s devices over competitors’ solutions; it also demonstrated the true benefits of smart mobility to the traveller.

“The study showed that products powered by TomTom’s HD Traffic was proven to reduce average drive times by 13 per cent, a figure which rises to 30 per cent in congested conditions. For a typical commuter, that amounts to 50 minutes saved per week, or 40 hours per year,” he adds.

“The study was conducted in the Berlin area in December 2011 and the results were published at the beginning of this year. It also demonstrated that well-informed drivers make 8 per cent fewer stops. That equates directly to reduced fuel usage and carbon emissions.”

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