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Transport planning and modelling software software

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PTV Visum 12.0
Visitors to Intertraffic will get an opportunity of experiencing the latest version of the PTV Group’s transport planning, travel demand and modelling software. Visum 12.0. impresses with its optimised workflow and accelerated procedures. One of the highlights is the extended scenario manager. It allows users to organise variants of a model in a non-redundant way and. Scenarios can be defined as combinations of model blocks building on each other.

The company will also be highlighting Vissim which is says is the ideal tool for simulating different traffic scenarios before starting implementation. It takes traffic and transportation quality, safety and cost into consideration. Vissim combines traffic and engineering expertise and state-of-the-art presentation options, even 3D animations.

Meanwhile, Viswalk, a tool specifically designed for pedestrian simulation, will also be featured. It realistically simulates and analyses walking behaviour and is suitable for all those who want to take the needs of pedestrians into account. In combination with Vissim the tool develops unique multimodal capabilities and perfectly simulates the interaction between pedestrians and vehicles. Dwell times as well as journey and waiting time can thus be analysed, including the assessment of alternative routes.

Stand: 11.401

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