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Trinity Highway Products International shows Trend CEN DS

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Philip Bigley
Philip Bigley from Trinity which is showing a number of new developments

Trinity Highway Products International is showcasing several new developments at Intertraffic, including its new double-sided end terminal, the Trend CEN DS, which is fully compliant with European standards.

This neat, compact terminal is tested to ENV 1317-4 for both 110 km/h and 80 km/h levels and one of the main design features is its short length - just 8.4m for the 110 km/h system and 4.4m for the 80 km/h system. With a debris field of less than one metre the Trend CEN DS is designed for central reservation installations and other roadside locations requiring end protection for double barriers or narrow hazards.

Trinity will also be featuring the QuadGuard M10, one of the industry’s first crash cushions to meet the new US MASH standard. Built upon the original QuadGuard platform featuring the monorail and Quad-Beam fender panels, only three modifications are necessary to transform an original QG to a QGM10. This combination of old and new allows for a simple and cost effective conversion.

Another development from Trinity is the React 350 II – the React 350 is tested to NCHRP 350 TL-3 (100 km/h) and is a highly reusable, self-restoring crash cushion that typically regains 90 per cent of its original shape and capacity with minimal maintenance. This new version is shorter than the original with a length of just 6.47m but still offering excellent impact performance and resilience.

Stand: 01.504

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