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Ultrasonic detection delivers efficient car park guidance

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Schick Electronic Signal-Park guidance system
Swiss company Schick Electronic will be highlighting the benefits of its globally deployed Signal-Park guidance system. Especially advantageous for multi-storey car parks where motorists often become frustrated trying to find an empty space, Signal-Park guides them quickly and efficiently to an empty space in real time, by floor, zone and lane.

An ultrasonic detector developed specifically for the purpose and fitted with an LED is installed over every parking space. It checks every second for the presence of a vehicle and transmits its status via a communication network to a central computer. The computer processes the data and updates the digital display information given to motorists in real time.

As soon as the customer is faced with a choice of direction (level, zone, lane), a sign indicates by means of dynamic arrows the route to a vacant space. LED indicators above each space, visible at a distance of 100 yards, display a green light to guide the motorist direct to the bay.

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