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V-tron brings Driver Behaviour 2.0 to the market

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Safety in mind: Verena van Vilsteren of V-tron
Safety in mind: Verena van Vilsteren of V-tron

At the entrance to Hall 11 sits a car showing the next stage in driver monitoring and efficient road use.

The vehicle carries equipment designed to warn the driver of dangerous situations, applying the brakes if a vehicle in front slows suddenly or if a pedestrian steps into the road. Its onboard camera also reads traffic signs and triggers steering commands if the car starts to drift out of its lane. The system also records the vehicle’s location.

The system brings together several pieces of equipment, including the camera and fleet management software. Many of the individual capabilities are not new, but have been brought together for the first time as an integrated system known as Driver Behaviour 2.0. Its predecessor, Driver Behaviour 1.0, lacked the camera and the information generated was sent to a fleet manager. The new version provides information to the driver in real time and can also be downloaded at the end of a journey.

The system can also be used by the driver even before he starts his journey; it allows him to check his planned route and will warn him if heavy traffic or an accident is likely to cause him problems.

Initial cars carrying Driver Behaviour 2.0 are now undertaking trials, says Wim Vossebelt of V-tron, the marketing and sales company bringing the system to market. He hopes to have a larger pilot scheme covering perhaps 1,000 vehicles in operation later this year.

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