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Vaisala Condition Patrol makes debut at Intertraffic

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John Tarleton
The future's bright: Vaisala's Roads Marketing Manager John Tarleton

Vaisala, a global leader in weather measurement, is here at Intertraffic to release what it says is a new, first-of-its-kind mobile weather system that collects information never before collected from a single solution.

The Condition Patrol uses sensors that have been trusted for many years by maintenance operators around the world. The system collects the data and displays it on a smart phone on the dashboard of the vehicle. The data can also be brought back through the phone’s mobile network to be displayed in Vaisala’s road weather management software for the viewing by others in the agency.

Mobile weather data provides important information that compliments fixed road weather stations, or it can be used standalone. The data provides road weather maintenance with important information about road conditions wherever they drive, filling in gaps between fixed weather station data, and providing data on the go.

In combination with the vehicle’s electric power, agencies have everything needed to create a mobile weather station, and the Condition Patrol enables the creation of a network of mobile weather stations vital to your operations.

“The Condition Patrol is a brand new solution for authorities that manage road weather impacts on the road networks,” says Jon Tarleton, Vaisala Roads Marketing Manager. “Mobile weather data provides real-time information about the road surface in a quantitative way, instead of using the very subjective human observation. The Condition Patrol will provide an extra layer of decision support for road authorities and compliment fixed road weather stations.”

Stand: 11.802

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