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Versatile, modular speed and red light enforcement

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Sodi Scientifica
Italian company Sodi Scientifica has chosen Intertraffic 2012 as the perfect showcase for official international launch of the latest release of its new product Autostop HD. A combined red light and speed enforcement device, Sodi says it received high praise during the initial roadshow and demonstrations to pilot customers, not least because of its versatility, modularity and up to date technology.

Along with its new product, Sodi Scientifica will also be featuring its well-known Autovelox 105SE in both its configurations, fixed and mobile. The company says that Autovelox is a name that has become synonymous with speed enforcement in several countries because of its ‘across the road’ laser technology and the additional enforcement features it provides, including tail gating, bus lane and cars only. Autovelox 105SE is also available in a special configuration for speed enforcement inside tunnels and has been successfully deployed in the Mont Blanc, Fréjus, and KPE Tunnel in Singapore.

Stand: 01.216

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