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Versatile traffic enforcement back office solution

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StarTraq StarTraq Dome
StarTraq will use Intertraffic to unveil what it claims is a revolutionary solution for processing traffic offences - the StarTraq Dome (Dynamic Offence Management and Enforcement) - a new cloud-based service for processing any type of repetitive workflow such as civil and criminal traffic offences. The company says the Dome is simple to install, either internally within the customer’s own network or hosted securely on the Internet, and cost effective to run. It is versatile and scalable and can handle any offence type. StarTraq says this means it offers an efficient back office solution for a range of both civil and criminal offences including speeding, red light running, bus lane and congestion charge enforcement, mobile phone and seatbelt usage, parking, yellow box infringements and any moving traffic offences.

Stand: 01.215

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