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Waterblasting Technologies’ Stripe Hog achieves global success

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James Crocker with a Stripe Hog
A Powerful solution: James Crocker with the Stripe Hog
Waterblasting Technologies (WT) says its innovative Stripe Hog range is now sold in 30 countries around the world.

Each of the eight Stripe Hog machines produces water at 2,750bar pressure which runs out of needle sharp water jets at 1,900kmh onto targeted road markings, rapidly removing all types of markings including thermal plastic, coloured plastic, methyl methacrylic, and all types of tape.

WT says the road surface is left clean after a Stripe Hog machine application, and the targeted area is dry within 20 minutes.
“We have contractors in Dubai who were sandblasting half-a-mile of road markings a day. Since switching to Stripe Hog they are achieving eight miles a day,” says James Crocker, president of Florida, US-based WT.

“A sandblaster requires three people to operate it, but a Stripe Hog only needs one.”

Crocker, whose company sold the first Stripe Hog in 2005, says the fact that Stripe Hog does not damage the road during its use is the “number one” appeal for customers.

“There’s a lot of small contractors out there who that cannot justify a purchase of our biggest machine (the SH8000 costing US$600,000), so we have introduced the SK2000 (costing $250,000),” says Crocker.
“We hope that we can make a healthy contribution to the road safety industry by making the smaller machine available to a large number of companies. Water blasting is greatly preferred now to other forms of road marking removal.”

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