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ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
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26 March 2014



CIDRO culvert protector cuts crashes

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Aquilino Molinero CIDRO
Aquilino Molinero with the innovative CIDRO culvert protection system
Spanish firm Cidro has developed a straightforward system for protecting motorists from severe impacts with culvert ends. The company’s Crossafe device is made from concrete and galvanised steel components and is installed at the end of a concrete culvert.

Should a vehicle run off the road into the ditch, the Crossafe device prevents sudden impact with the concrete culvert end. Instead, the vehicle impacts against the sloping components of the Crossafe system and is diverted upwards, vastly reducing the deceleration rate and reducing the G-forces experienced by the occupants. The Crossafe system provides protection for occupants in passenger cars or motorcycle riders and its performance has been verified in an accredited crash test laboratory to approved European vehicle restraint standards.

The Crossafe product offers a number of benefits and is said to be easy to install, while its modular design means it can be adapted for use in any type of ditch or alongside any culvert, no matter what characteristics the site features. The system can redirect a vehicle during an impact and features longitudinal elements with different dimensions that guarantee a maximum slope of 16% (6:1), giving a gradual transition after a vehicle leaves the road.

The system can be repaired easily in the event of a crash and is a low cost product with an optimum cost-benefit ratio. The long life components allow a working life of up to 25 years and the system is said to be easy to clean, with minimal maintenance requirements.

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