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ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
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26 March 2014



Durable traffic post developed by Pexco

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Daily News
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Pexco City Post
The durable Pexco City Post has been extensively tested
Long life is a key feature of the durable Pexco City Post. This new product has undergone extensive testing at the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), with 12 posts surviving a series of 99 vehicle impacts at a speed of 100km/h. The 100th impact test was even carried at a 112km/h and the products were able to withstand this without damage.

The units can withstand a temperature range from –29°C to 71°C, allowing them to be used in a massive array of installations. The products feature a spin-in installation method, making them easy and quick to fit.

Made from polyurethane, these channeliser posts are said to feature a rapid rebound after being struck by a vehicle and can be used in installations where there is a risk of high speed impacts such as near toll plazas and HOT lanes.

The units are also suited to use in low speed impact applications such as bike paths or pedestrian walkways as the design means they will not cause injury. The company offers the posts in four standard colours although a further four speciality colours are available and customers can request their own special colours if required.
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