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ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
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27 March 2014



Edesix shows VideoBadge2 solution for enforcement staff

First publishedIntertraffic
Daily News
Day 3
Edesix is showing a new version of its VideoBadge, which deters confrontations between the public and enforcement staff by filming incidents.

The original VideoBadge, which is worn on the enforcement or police officer’s clothing, was introduced in 2011; by sliding down the front, the camera lens was exposed and started to record the scene, while a visible sign saying ‘recording in process’ was revealed. This frequently was enough to stop a verbal dispute developing into a physical one.

“We had feedback from customers saying that, in really physical confrontations, the slide was being knocked closed,” said Edesix marketing manager Jane Taylor. “In VideoBadge2, the lens is permanently uncovered and the recording switch has a much more positive action, so it’s less likely to be knocked back.”

The product was one of Intertraffic’s Innovation Award nominees.

Among other improvements, VideoBadge2 has a pre-record facility. This allows a period of time to be selected – typically two minutes – when the camera permanently operates, but records over a two-minute ‘loop’ of images stored on a digital memory card, to document the run-up to an incident. When the camera is switched on, the preceding two minutes is then saved, giving more context to the incident.
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