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27 March 2014



Kig shows Veresis security system for numberplates

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Daily News
Day 3
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Kig Veresis high-security production system
Marko Bizaj of KIG with Veresis
Slovenian numberplate producer KIG is showing its latest high-security production system, Veresis, which is designed to remove the risk of counterfeiting and ensure tight control over a nation’s numberplate production.

Veresis is a software system that covers every aspect of numberplate production, from its creation  to its eventual disposal.

A numberplate producer buying the system is linked electronically to the country’s government ministry responsible for vehicle registration.

When a new numberplate is ordered, its unique barcode is linked to the alphanumeric combination that is embossed on to the metal plate, together with several security features and an RFID tag for purposes such as tolling. This ensures traceability throughout the plate’s life.  

What KIG describes as its unique selling point is the destruction process when a numberplate reaches the end of its life.

The plate’s ASCII code is recorded and sent to the government registration database, allowing it to be recorded as destroyed. The disposal machine also photographs the plate as it is placed inside to provide additional proof. It is then chopped into several small sections.

The system is already in use in Slovenia.
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