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ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
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26 February 2014



Lacroix launches new range of multi-colour LED VMS

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Lacroix Trafic variable sign
Lacroix Trafic will use Intertraffic Amsterdam 2014 to present a wide range of ITS products such as traffic lights, traffic controllers, and data-collection stations, variable speed limit signs, directional lane signs as well as to unveil a new range of multicolour LED full matrix variable messages signs (VMS).

Using the latest CMS diode technology means these multi-coloured messages can be viewed at distances of up to 300 metres. The signs are easy to configure, with tool-free maintenance, and of course highly competitive.

Lacroix says that its new VMS signs are not just technically advanced in their design and construction to provide significant benefits over traditional units, but they open up a whole new world of capabilities for traffic managers and road authorities. An obvious one is the infinite range of display options including pictograms, maps, and information in an unlimited range of language formats, including Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillics or any other script.

“This new generation of variable message signs can, and should, evolve, and here I am not just talking about the technical aspect,” says Lacroix’s Export Director Steve Collins. “This technology now allows road authorities to provide information that previously drivers had to get from other sources, such as satellite navigation systems or radio station traffic reports. And while the old amber-only generation of signs could warn of congestion, or an incident ahead, our new generation VMS can provide authorities with much greater capability, to manage and control events. For instance, they can have an influence on which route drivers take to avoid congestion, in line with conditions on alternate routes, calculate, display and warn over-speeding vehicles or warn about weather conditions and other approaching hazardous situations, or a myriad of things that were quite impossible previously.”
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