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ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
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25 March 2014



Sensys notches up sales success

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Johan Frilund Sensys
Johan Frilund of Sensys: "We want to provide our customers with total freedom of choice"
Swedish-headquartered Sensys Traffic is looking forward to a very successful Intertraffic event. On the basis that success breeds success, in just the last few weeks alone, the company has notched up important sales. Sensys has received sub-orders worth over €9.5 million from the Swedish Transport Administration to supply measurement systems and measurement cabinets for traffic safety cameras for the Swedish ATC system, with indications of further business volume in the forthcoming years.

Earlier this month, Sensys also received major orders for speed and red-light enforcement equipment from two customers in the Middle East.

Johan Frilund, CEO of Sensys said that the company’s growing success was based first and foremost on its technology which provides major advancements in traffic safety and enforcement. For instance, with the evolution of its RS240 series radars into the RS242 range, Frilund said Sensys had taken another quantum leap in the field of tailored radar applications for traffic safety purposes.

Sensys has chosen this year’s Intertraffic event to present a major innovation by offering its well proven multi-tracking technology in a number of designs, including the company’s own tried and trusted cabinets, in an adapted version or in a custom shape and colour.

“We want to provide our customers with total freedom of choice,” said Frilund. “That is why we are presenting Tailored Design Solutions HERE at Intertraffic. Customers can select Standard units that provide a robust and cost-effective solution, while Modified Standard provides options in size, colour or mounting. However, with Custom Design, we will work with our customers through the process of designing their own solution; optimising both the looks and functionality to fully meet expectations.”
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