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ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
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06 February 2014



Vitronic showcases enforcement, toll solutions, ANPR at Intertraffic

First publishedIntertraffic
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Vitronic Lidar enforcement
Vitronic Lidar based speed and red light enforcement
Germany-headquartered Vitronic will use Intertraffic Amsterdam 2014 to present its latest developments in speed and red light enforcement, electronic toll collection and ANPR, all based on laser scanners (LIDAR).

According to the company, PoliScanspeed and PoliScanredlight provide reliable, innovative speed and red light enforcement capturing up to three times more violators than conventional systems. PoliScanspeed systems are available as stationary devices, cased in the pillared City Design Housing, or mobile varieties, for use on tripods or in a patrol car. PoliScanred+speed effectively combines speed and red light enforcement. All systems can be enhanced with Remote Documentation Units (RDU) to supply video sequences of violations. These RDUs also document pictures of the rear of the vehicle for the purpose of license plate reading.

In Amsterdam, Vitronic will also showcase its TollChecker portfolio based on a modular system of hardware and software that allows for a wide range of customised applications with proven performance and an excellent cost-benefit ratio. The company says that TollCheckerfreeflow, a compact, lightweight design for multi-lane free-flow tolling on a single gantry, sets new standards for performance in toll collection and enforcement. Vitronic completes the TollChecker product group with TollCheckercity, a reliable free-flow toll collection system for modern cities, and TollCheckeraudit which the company claims is the ultimate choice to verify the key performance indicators of existing tolling systems.

Also based on the platform are PoliScanseco and PoliScansurveillance. Both are LIDAR-triggered ANPR applications, capable of covering high speed multi-lane roads. PoliScanseco is next-generation average speed enforcement while the PoliScansurveillance generation provides high performance Automated Number Plate Recognition to support modern police and security tasks.
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