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05 April 2016



Agendum demonstrates parking business case calculator

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Day 1
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Intertraffic 2016 Day 1 Day 13 Agendum Parking
Jurgen and Vivianne Vernimmen of Agendum

An increasing number of municipalities are exploring the opportunity to introduce digital parking enforcement and looking for an experience-based forecast of the impact on results. To provide clear answers, the Agendum Business Case calculator, being launched and demonstrated here at Intertraffic, simulates the impact and shows detailed quantified effects of implementing or optimising digital parking enforcement operations.

During 10 years of solution design development and in close collaboration with its customers, Agendum says it has gathered an enormous amount of experience and expertise on digital parking enforcement.

This has resulted in the ABC Calculator, a tool to calculate different operational scenarios and to answer questions such as should we use scan vehicles to optimise parking enforcement; will digital parking enforcement increase the compliance rates; how many parking attendants will we need when we implement digital enforcement; and what is the Return On Investment if we choose to optimise our enforcement operation by introducing digital parking enforcement?

The ABC calculator is driven by scenarios where the objectives and constraints are taken into account. All relevant data and parameters that describe the current situation, such as number of paid parking spaces, current compliance rates, size of parking attendant team, number of parking tickets per hour, are used to analyse and value the scenarios.

Typical results show revenue growth while number of parking tickets decreases. Whatever the outcome of each specific case analysis, Agendum says the ABC calculator will tell you exactly whether it pays to digitise parking enforcement.

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