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07 April 2016



E-Totem shows e-Twin Premium vehicle charging station

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Daily News
Day 3
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Intertraffic 2016 Daily News Day 3 E-Totem e-Twin Premium
Aurore Comte of E-Totem
French company E-Totem is showing its new e-Twin Premium vehicle charging station, 800 of which are due to be installed in France over the next two years.

The stainless steel station can charge two vehicles simultaneously, giving a range of charging rates from 3kw/h to 22kw/h via two types of socket, either a fast-charge socket or a standard domestic outlet. A Renault Zoe electric hatchback, for example, can be charged in one hour using the fast-charge socket.

A new design feature of the e-Twin Premium is that space is provided in the unit’s pedestal for the electricity supplier to install its own metering equipment. A second innovation is an optional 19-inch touch screen that can be installed on the rear of the charging station. This can be used to provide tourism or other local information for drivers using the unit.

Typically, a city council or other supplier will purchase the units. “When we supply directly to a city,” explains Aurore Comte, sales manager, electric vehicle charging station, “the city can have its own access card system, so the driver has to be a member of the city’s network. You scan your card, then you can open the unit’s cover, so you can access the sockets.

“We have three levels of service: we supply the station, we can supply the software for cities and we operate our own network. We have our own network in two small cities in France: St Etienne and Le Mans.

“We work with cities and, more and more, with private businesses such as car park companies,” explained Comte.

The units can be overseen remotely by the power supplier.

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