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07 April 2016



Enforcement systems specialist Agendum celebrates contract win

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Day 3
Enforcement systems specialist Agendum is celebrating award of a new contract from Geneva’s Fondation des Parking (FDP) for assisting with a project piloting digital parking enforcement in the city.

Very soon FDP will begin trials of devices such as a scan car and scan scooter which, in tandem with Agendum’s Scanman software, will rapidly check whether parked vehicles hold a valid parking payment or permission.

When a vehicle is found not to be parked legitimately, the system will automatically and immediately notifiy a parking enforcement officer via his or her handheld Sigmax device.

By adopting this method of electronic automatic enforcement, FDP is aiming to make the process more transparent, efficient and fairer for the public. Similar systems making use of scanners and Agendum software are already in use in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht, as well as municipalities in the UK, Spain and Portugal.

As part of the pilot project in Geneva, thorough evaluation reports will be provided, based upon Agendum’s Infoman parking data analytics software. This is a web-based tool for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of parking enforcement policies and strategies, providing insight into parking occupancy and pay rates.

"We are proud that after Amsterdam and The Hague, other municipalities are choosing Agendum as their partner in digital parking enforcement. Now FDP has asked us to help with devising and evaluating new approaches to parking enforcement,” said Agendum’s commercial director Robert De Beukelaer.

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