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05 April 2016



Iteris introduces SmartCycle and Vantage Vector Hybrid

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Iteris SmartCycle
Tim O'Leary of Iteris with SmartCycle
Iteris is using Intertraffic to introduce two important safety innovations. The first is a new video-based bicycle detection system, SmartCycle, which the company says has the unique capability of distinguishing bicycles from other vehicles on the road in any lane.

This process provides a special output that is sent to the traffic controller to extend the green time when bicycles are detected, allowing them to safely cross the intersection before the light changes.

“Cycling is a way of life in Amsterdam and other parts of the world, with more people biking than ever before.  We are proud of our work in developing safer intersections for bicyclists and vehicles and ultimately saving lives,” says Tim O’Leary, Director of Business Development at Iteris, adding that the company is working to ensure that today’s complex systems connect with cyclists, vehicles, and the infrastructure for greater efficiency and safety of all users.

Another new product being featured is the Iteris Vantage Vector Hybrid sensor that can provide detailed dilemma zone detection. The dilemma zone is that moment of time when a vehicle is rapidly approaching an intersection but the driver is not sure if he should stop or go because the traffic signal is yellow. The Vantage Vector hybrid system regulates this through radar technology for advanced high-speed approaches.

Iteris points out that it has been a global leader in ITS Solutions for 20 years, with over 150,000 Vantage Video Detection units installed worldwide. As the company is highlighting here at Intertraffic, it is also involved in major aspects of the global connected vehicles initiative through multimodal travel options, real-time traveller information, communications, security, and the equipment that detects, collects, and distributes the data.

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