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19 March 2018



Dynniq applications streamline traffic flows

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Dynniq's Annette Frijns with Haye Mensonides

Dynniq is looking to implement a holistic approach to help cities streamline their traffic flows, based on different pillars, including ImFLow, GreenFLow, CrossCycle and CrossWalk. And here at Intertraffic, for the first time ever, the company has brought all of these applications together in a single virtual reality experience. Visitors will be able to experience how Dynniq connects (future) urban, regional and national network systems to each other.

Other features on the stand include the iTLC traffic signal which is connected via the internet, with individual road users, facilitating smarter traffic management. The Netherlands is the first country in the world to choose a comprehensive, standardised approach for smart traffic signals. With its ability to link smart products and applications, the iTLC makes it possible to display new information on road users’ smartphones, telling them, for example, the time period before the traffic signal changes from red to green.

ImFlow is an adaptive network system to control traffic but with a difference: traffic is regulated based on the amount of traffic, rather than traffic presence, as with traditional traffic control systems.

GreenFlow, a system that ensures that a car exchanges information with the roadside, can be used for three applications: comfort, priority and safety. Comfort, because it can mean always arriving at a green light; priority for emergency services at junctions; and safety because it gives the user information about the road situation.

Meanwhile, CrossCycle is an app that identifies cyclists sooner when they approach an intersection and gives them the green light more quickly, while the CrossWalk app helps the elderly cross the road safely by turning the light green for longer.

Innovative technology based on GPS localisation makes it possible to align the duration of the green pedestrian traffic light with individual needs, depending on the degree of reduced mobility.

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