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22 March 2018



Graphmasters showcases smarter navigation

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Day 3
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A clear winner: Alexander Meister

Smart navigation that actually prevents congestion is being demonstrated by Graphmasters in Hall 8 with the aid of some eye-catching Lego.

As with most navigation systems, drivers are warned about congestion ahead and the system suggests a modified route. However, according to Graphmasters’ Alexander Meister, the same suggested diversion is given to all vehicles, resulting in simply relocating the queue, whereas drivers using his company’s Nunav app are given different individual routes even if they are going to the same destination. 

So, for instance, by routing one vehicle to the left and the next to the right, the queue on the original route starts to reduce without the detour routes becoming congested. In practice, Meister said if 1% of the vehicles use the system there is a 30% improvement in journey time both on the existing route and for the diverting drivers.

The navigation system uses probe data and updates four times a minute so drivers can be rerouted within a few seconds.  The system follows the progress of the diverted drivers (and other users) to ensure the diversion is working and the new route is not slower than expected due to delays in emerging from minor roads.

In Hanover it is working with local authorities to smooth traffic heading for a very popular exhibition by using the system to make car parking more efficient and help buses avoid a weak bridge. Meister said around 1% of the vehicles (including the buses) used the free Nunav app resulting in an 18% reduction in journey times.

Nunav is available in some of the bigger cities in Germany and neighbouring countries and the company is current working on expanding its network to London and elsewhere. 

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