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22 February 2018



Kapsch to focus on integrated mobility solutions

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Kapsch, a world-leading company in meeting the challenges of traffic and mobility management, will display at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 its latest products and services innovations and highlight its integrated mobility solutions related to smart, safe and sustainable mobility for cities, highways and tunnels.

The company believes the time has come to consider city mobility as a truly global topic, integrating mobility across all transport means and stakeholders, and considering end-to-end mobility of citizens as an objective. To get that message across, Kapsch will stage a live demonstration of how Kapsch can connect Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)to the entire ITS landscape, and merge real-time traffic, parking, and connected vehicle data into mobility applications at your fingertips.

Kapsch says that with its new tolling game-changer it is going smaller and smarter on highways, too. The company has equipped its innovative single gantry with new sensors to combine the functionality of video detection, a classification system, ANPR front/rear cameras and illumination. All of this is hosted in one package with a very small footprint and overall weight, which also reduces the cost of ownership considerably. For video tolling, this is all that is needed: for a DSRC installation, just add the transceiver antenna.

Tunnels are a very vulnerable point of any roadway system so Kapsch is inviting visitors to stop by and learn more about its scalable, integrated traffic and operations management solution. This system has been selected  by Highways England and Rijkswaterstaat for the Charm Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) project due to its proven track record for mission critical advanced traffic management system applications.

Stand: 11.103

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