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22 March 2018



Plug and play enforcement with Ekin’s Patrol

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Daily News
Day 3
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Lighting up the show: Derya Kilic

With flashing blue and red lights, there is no mistaking the big message on Ekin’s stand – its new Patrol G2 intelligent lightbar which requires only an electrical supply connection to the host vehicle.

The roof-mounted ‘plug and play’ unit contains all the equipment, processing and communications technology needed to provide speed and parking enforcement, face recognition and 360° of ANPR and surveillance.

It measures the speed of all vehicles in view and it can monitor up to five lanes of traffic at once with the live data sent to both a tablet in the vehicle and, via 3G, 4G or other available network, to the control room. 

Inbuilt infra-red illumination caters for night-time use and an optional rear ANPR can be specified to capture vehicles that only have a rear number plate and face recognition function can be free-standing or cross referenced to databases and can be programmed with images of wanted individuals. All the functions and operations are controlled remotely from inside the car using the tablet.

A lightweight, miniaturised and simplified version for cycle mounted enforcement officers attaches to the bicycle’s seatpost. The rearward facing unit performs speed and parking violation checks and ANPR while on the move and notifies the officer if it detects a blacklisted vehicle. 

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