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22 March 2018



Security in the spotlight at Intelligent Security Systems

First publishedIntertraffic
Daily News
Day 3
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Undercover: Marat Zubail

Intelligent Security Systems, a new exhibitor at Intertraffic, is featuring three key innovations on its stand: an under-vehicle surveillance system, an all-in-one speed and ANPR camera and an IP based camera designed for licence plate recognition.

SecurOS Flatmus, the under-vehicle surveillance system, comprises a fish-eye camera mounted in a plate which in turn is set into the roadway (possibly in a speed hump) on the approach to a gated entrance. As the vehicle approaches, ANPR detects the vehicle and when it passes over the plate (at 10km/h or below), strobe lights illuminate the underside to allow the camera to take sequential photographs which are electronically assembled into a composite image.

On the first visit, the vehicle is manually checked and a reference image taken of the underside against which images taken on subsequent visits are electronically compared to detect any additions or alterations.      

A mix of technology also features in SecurOS Velox which combines radar-based speed measurement with an ANPR camera and strobe lighting and all the processing and evidence processing is carried out on-board.  A single unit can monitor up to six lanes and simultaneously track up to 32 targets and it can act as a stand-alone unit or as part of a distributed system.

Stand: 12.99


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