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21 March 2018



Traffic-Lines promotes Duo-Twister suction system

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Day 2
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Jennifer Ilg lining up at the show

Creating and removing lines are a speciality of the German-based Traffic-Lines.

The company’s Marking Machine 1.0, on display, is used for applying thermoplastics in open systems and allows the application of drop-on material.

But for removal of lines, the company has just introduced the Duo-Twister, an eco-friendly way to remove rubber abrasion from heavily trafficked areas, especially runways and racetracks. Its patented high-pressure water blasting system operating at nearly 3,500bar is non-destructive – there is no contact with the road or runway surface, as the demonstration video at the company’s stand shows.

The Duo-Twister is effectively a double-suction system based on the successful Twister, a single-suction hydro-blaster for removing road line markings.

The two suction heads of the newer Duo-Twister are rotated on an axis in a circular diameter of either 3.1m or 4.2m, depending on the version of machine. The water jet nozzles themselves also rotate, at around 3,000rpm and between 25-50mm above the surface.

The water – with no additives – is sent through a filtration system in an attached trailer where the clean water is reused – a closed loop system that saves water. It also packs the filtered particles into a cake for easy removal and disposal.

The machine is attached to the front of a sweeper and tracks nearly 5,000m²/hour. The one-vehicle, one-driver system car run for around 6.5 hours. However, it leaves an almost dry surface immediately because of the highly efficient suction of water.

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