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19 March 2018



Wavetronix focuses on SmartSensor HD side-fire radar

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Dan Duckwitz of Wavetronix with the SmartSensor HD
SmartSensor HD is the focus of the Wavetronix stand and visitors will see the power of HD as an alternative to traffic loops. The non-intrusive sensor installs above the road, which can reduce costs and keep road workers safer and out of the way of traffic during installation.

SmartSensor HD is a side-fire radar unit that uses dual beams to create a speed trap, resulting in superior per vehicle speed accuracy data for arterial management. By timing how long a vehicle takes to go from one beam to the next, HD replicates a speed trap for every lane on both sides of the highway, replacing at least two loops per lane. The device is also able to determine direction of travel, vital for applications such as reversible lanes and wrong-way detection.

The unit typically installs at the side of the road in a fraction of the time it takes to install loops. This reduces the risk of injury and death to road workers by reducing the amount of time they must spend in or around the road installing equipment.

A test by French motorway concessionaires quickly determined that installing loops on a six-lane road required one night for each direction; in contrast, HD was installed in less than half a day, with one sensor covering both sides of the road. The study also determined that HD’s detection accuracy was comparable to loops.

French road authorities have also successfully experimented with SmartSensor HD multi-channel radar counting stations. The sensors were installed on existing infrastructure equipment, such as mast arms that are typically used for video surveillance cameras and double-post gantries or single-sided jib cranes used for variable message signs. The quick and simple installation process significantly reduced costs when compared to in-road detectors.

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