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Latest Innovations from Daktronics

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With brand new high-resolution dynamic message signs in the works, Daktronics says it is prepared to connect with industry professionals at the ITS America Annual Meeting and Conference. This year, the company will share its latest solutions for using full-colour DMS to boost message comprehension in roadway applications.

Amongst its other full-colour DMS offerings, Daktronics engineered the new Vanguard VX series DMS with a focus on sharp graphics capability and valuable serviceability for which the company is known. This innovative full-colour 20mm display accurately replicates static MUTCD signage to efficiently inform and direct traffic. With its critical electronic components housed either in the display (VX-2420) or in a road-side cabinet (VX-2428), the VX series DMS fits a variety of ITS applications on highways and arterial roads.

“We’re excited to share our latest innovations with other convention attendees,” said Daktronics ITS market manager Jason Morrison. “It’s going to be another big year for ITS, and we’ve developed some cutting-edge solutions to keep up with our industry’s challenges. We’re especially looking forward to discussing solutions for lane control, variable speed limits, running lanes on hard shoulders, queue warnings and high-occupancy toll lanes.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, May 22, from 3:30 to 5:30pm, the Daktronics Transportation team will host a social hour at its convention booth. All attendees are invited to visit the booth to meet the team and enjoy a glass of Yuengling lager.

Booth #603

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