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Double take at Econolite

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Econolite’s Persephone Oliver
Econolite's Persephone Oliver goes hybrid with the new Autoscope Duo
Econolite comes to this year’s ITS America Annual Meeting with new above ground detection technology for intersection applications – the recently announced Autoscope Duo.

“This new class of hybrid vehicle detection combines radar and video together,” said Econolite Group President & CEO David St. Amant. “It appeals to agencies searching for a cost-effective, non-intrusive detection solution. Moreover, Autoscope Duo represents a low-risk path to achieving multi-tasking ITS goals.”

Agencies and transportation engineers are seeking long-term accuracy in data and detection actuations comparable to the expected accuracy of newly installed inductive loops, but without the expenses, traffic disruption and road maintenance associated with loops.  The hybrid integration of radar and video together, improves accuracy, better than that achievable by each sensor technology alone.

Field-tested for more than a year, the Autoscope Duo detection system combines the precision of microwave radar with robust video detection technology.  “Intelligent decision-logic monitors the current operating conditions and combines the best of radar data with the best of video data continuously — lane-by-lane, minute-by-minute, and second-by-second,” said Econolite chief technology officer Gary Duncan adding that for all smart transportation systems and ITS programs that can benefit from dynamic above ground vehicle detection, non-intrusive Autoscope Duo is a future technology affordable today.

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