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Flir and Traficon track cyclists

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Bill Klyczek of Traficon
Traficon's Bill Klyczek with the thermal video solution
FLIR has teamed up with Traficon to develop automatic detection for cyclists using thermal imaging. The two companies have jointly developed a thermal video solution that meets all federal and state guidelines for tracking cyclists throughout the approach to an intersection.

“Our background is in battlefield technology, so we’re really good at detecting human heat signatures which gives us a unique advantage when tracking cyclists,” said Dan Dietrich, Business Development Manager for Flir.

Bicycle safety is increasingly a pertinent issue as more people take to their bikes and cycle lobbyists pressure lawmakers to improve safety. For example, Californian traffic agencies are required to detect cyclists in every signalised intersection and add extension times to let them cross safely.

However, traffic agencies are finding that their legacy optical cameras can not reliably detect humans due to weather, clothing and size.

Thermal imaging is ideal as it can track cyclists anywhere in an intersection from bike lanes to left turn lanes. Signaling engineers can then adapt signal changes to accommodate the slower moving cyclists.

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