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Migration isn’t just for the birds!

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Leveraging a rich 25 year history of producing traffic equipment and software, McCain will use the ITS America Annual Meeting & Exposition as a platform for underscoring the vital role of a proper migration strategy in helping agencies migrate to modern, feature-rich, traffic management systems.

The company will focus on helping agencies understand and create a migration path for achieving optimum efficiency of their transportation network today and tomorrow. It will provide attendees with a hands-on opportunity to experience the benefits of the latest standards-compliant, ITS solutions including, ATC controllers, NTCIP software, in addition to ITS, NEMA, and Caltrans cabinets. Moreover, the McCain says they can then utilize the company’s custom migration application to determine possible ways to integrate these solutions into their network.

As McCain points out, a well thought-out migration strategy is key for expanding transportation networks to take advantage of the latest ITS technology available, not to mention build a platform for future growth. However, agencies often consider upgrading to the latest ITS solutions too daunting and expensive a task to be feasible. That’s simply not the case, McCain claims, if its migration strategy is used.

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