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TransSuite success!

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TransCore’s iPad mobile app
With TransCore's iPad mobile app, real time traffic situations can be managed remotely
Transcore has announced today at the ITS America Annual Meeting that it has completed one of the fastest TransSuite deployments, for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), encompassing more than 1,200 centerline miles and nearly 800+ total devices.

And the company has also unveiled a new mobile iPad app for the advanced traffic management system (ATMS) so that agency engineers or managers can monitor traffic conditions and system operations from anywhere at any time.

In Missouri, TransSuite replaces the existing traffic management software used for the MoDOT-Gateway Guide program, a system designed to relieve congestion and improve safety in the greater St. Louis region, and the 19th-largest urban area in the nation.
“By deploying TransSuite, MoDOT will have more sophisticated integration among various traffic systems so the Gateway Guide engineers can control their roadway networks with increased precision and respond to traffic situations as they occur," says Jim Wilson, TransCore Vice President overseeing the team of engineers dedicated to the MoDOT project.

MoDOT deployed nine of the standard TransSuite system modules, which covered systems including video wall and camera control, sign control, detection collection, map interface, emergency and construction management, data reporting and extraction tools, CAD interface, web page system access, and the XML exporter service.

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