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Field-hardened communications

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Sean Fraser of RuggedCom
Meeting demands: RuggedCom's Sean Fraser
RuggedCom is using its appearance at the ITS America Annual Meeting to highlight a range of field-hardened communications products for ITS. As the company points out, creating a reliable, city-wide communication network to meet the demand for real-time information and support the growing need for mobility is no easy feat. But its solution can ease the pain: WiMax 4G broadband can cost-effectively extend the network and seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure.

WiMax 4G broadband technology can operate in the 4.9GHz public safety spectrum, providing agencies with the tools they need to build out their own private wireless network. By integrating into an existing fibre backbone, features such as standalone mobility eliminate the need for costly ASN gateways while PoE power ensures that WiMax is easy to deploy and maintain. It also has the ability to customise quality of service levels, providing upload ratios of up to 70 per cent – a critical feature for delivering video data from the field. And buses fitted with subscriber radios can easily travel throughout the coverage areas providing real-time GPS location updates, as well as other useful information, back to the TMC. That means routes can be optimised.

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