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Putting Art into Smart Cities

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Patrick McGowan of Telvent
Telvent's Patrick McGowan: the company is highlighting the role of ICM in the SmartCity concept
As a presenter, exhibitor and sponsor at the 2012 ITS America Annual Meeting, Telvent will be highlighting the role Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) plays in more efficient transportation operations. ICM, which fosters information-sharing and coordination across multiple government agencies, is a vital aspect of the SmartCity concept, which will also be featured by Telvent at the event.

Tip Franklin, Telvent’s director of business development, will discuss on ICM during his presentation entitled, “Our Integrated Future,” today from 4:00-5:30pm.

With declining government spending and an increasing drive for a more integrated transportation network, departments of transportation at all levels of government are being pushed to work closely together. As a result, more agencies are looking at ICM as a way to effectively coordinate communications across multiple departments and jurisdictions.

Telvent’s SmartMobility ICM utilizes advanced traveller information, multi-agency communications, and real-time data collection and dissemination. This allows transportation agencies to accurately manage traffic, improve travel times, alert the public to traffic conditions and promote other transportation mode options.

The ICM approach stretches small operating budgets more effectively and allows operators to better plan for factors that might affect them, which is particularly important as government spending continues to decline. In addition to presenting at the conference, Telvent will feature SmartMobility ICM and its SmartCity suite of solutions.

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