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16 April 2013



A sharper message from Daktronics

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ITS America 2013 Preview Daktronics Pittsburgh
Daktronics comes to the ITS America Annual Meeting with an offer to help agencies ‘Sharpen the Image’ of their dynamic messages signs with the introduction of its new 20mm full-colour Vanguard product line. As the company points out, the dissemination of critical information to drivers is a leading priority for transportation agencies across the United States. Enabling this effort is the recent evolution of NTCIP and MUTCD standards encouraging the use of colour and legible graphics. These efforts allow agencies to communicate regulatory, warning and guidance information to motorists more effectively and with fewer words. Daktronics says that not only does the implementation of high resolution full-colour messaging provide for increased message comprehension, but also aids in improving safety, relieving congestion and increasing capacity.

The addition of Daktronics’ new 20mm high resolution, full-colour walk-in and front access masked-face Vanguard DMS expands the effective signage options for transportation agencies. In addition, the innovative VX series introduces 20mm full-colour lane management signs with the option of housing critical components either in the display cabinet or in a roadside equipment cabinet.

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